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Get support in your international trade needs with Seichin Consulting ...


Get in-depth practical  support from us to ensure you have all the help your needs to trade complaintly, 

  • I work as your partner  on trade, seeking to understand your business, products, markets and plans.
  • I assess your full supply chain and trade practices to identify areas likely to be affected by international trade rules.
  • I have proven experience in interpreting regulatory and related national and international laws .
  • I help you to identify and explore opportunities in international markets, bridge gaps and build strong relationships with your global business partners. 
  • As your business partner ,I strive to build long-lasting relationships with my clients based on trust, sincerity and competence.

Being 'compliant', or complying with the laws and regulations: 

  • Duty mitigation
  • Determination of the customs value;
  • Binding Tariff Information (BTI), necessary for product development;
  • Binding Origin Information (BOI) necessary for determining the origin of goods;
  • Advising on procedures/processes within international trade & Customs,  combined with intelligent software solutions; 
  • Interpreting and implementing trade agreements to support decision making (RoO, Trade in services, S&CM, SPS, TBT, Market access)
  • Interpreting and implement international legislation to prevent money laundering and terrorist financing.
  • Indirect tax matters related to customs and international trade, such as VAT, anti-dumping and excise duties;
  • ICC Incoterms consultation
  • Denied party screening
  • Sanction and embargo checks on destination and transit countries
  • Export control classification of the goods
  • Applying for licenses for the export ,technical assistance and transit of so-called strategic goods (dual-use and military goods).
  • Have an end user statement drawn up
  • Internal Compliance Program (ICP) development and implementation  
  • Internal control framework ( AO/IB) development and implementation
  • Have an end user statement drawn up
  • Support in implementing IT solutions : offering subject matter expertise in customs & compliance management solutions. ( Projectbased )  


Other topics include: 

  • Cultural factors in international negotiations  
  • Regulatory and Cultural Considerations in business on a organizational and international level

We offer several options for this : 

  •  Starting a project with us  (Fee per project )
  • Starting a project with us  (competitive Fee per hour )
  • Monthly subscription - see below options. 



Most Popular

  • Project management
  • Consulting on above mentioned topics
  • Fee per project or rate per hour 
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  • Basic support :  15 minutes consultancy sessions 
  • Advanced support :  30 minutes consultancy sessions  
  • Proffesional support :  90 minutes consultancy sessions 


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Testimonials :

Bart Dielis 

Manager Customs Affairs at ASML

During the last year I’ve worked together with Richard Loomans on several topics, like Brexit impact scans, preferential origin, classification etc. To my option Richard has very good knowledge on the impact on Customs and export control compliance when doing international trade.  I have experienced the co-operation with Richard as very good since he is always willing to help and is able to explain on a very detailed level the impact and consequences of the different situations at hand. Also, Richard has a good network to use to gather additional information or verify scenario’s which can be helpful from time to time.

Therefore, I would definitely recommend Richard as an International trade consultant.


Niels Kramer

Managing director at Altum RF

Altum RF is a young high-tech company based in The Netherlands. For the export of our licensed products we worked with Richard. His expertise and understanding of the Dutch export regulations has been very important and helpful for us. Richard is a very knowledgeable and responsive professional, we would recommend him for Dutch export related regulatory and administrative projects


Santhosh Pais 

Regional Distribution Center Manager-Jebel Ali (3M)

Richard is a very experienced Trade Compliance professional who has in-depth knowledge in Customs and logistics. Richard brings to the industry a rare combination of operational expertise together with Industry knowledge. He builds great, long-lasting relationships based on trust, sincerity and competence. His professional composure is impeccable at all times, his versatility is flawless and multi-faceted. Richard has strategic growth and continues to add value to the business and cross functional teams. He is humble and friendly disposition also made him popular with his team members and colleagues together with great leadership competency. I wish Richard continued success, happiness and growth in his personal and professional life


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