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Seichin Consulting is a consulting firm for innovative small and medium-sized enterprises seeking new opportunities when doing business abroad. Doing business abroad, or even within a country is about bridging gaps and building strong business relationships with (global) customers . Every person or company has a story to tell. A story we listen to.

As intercultural & international trade consultant , I'm passionate about making a practical difference in the day-to-day work of international companies by solving cross-cultural and trade related misunderstandings using analytics and learning experiences.  

I help and coach clients in identifying opportunities and minimizing their risks when doing business abroad.

In my opinion, today's international business, and supply chains in particular, requires not only to be agile, aligned and adaptable to change, but also adaptive leadership in global trade. 

I believe that mutual understanding and co-creation between people make the difference to achieve sustainable change. To seize new opportunities while bridging gaps and build strong business relationships with their global clients.

Different cultures, broader perspectives, fast-growing economies and international networks. There are many opportunities across the border and foreign markets provide new insights. International business requires preparation, perseverance, but above all patience. It is not easy to position yourself in a completely different market. It raises questions for many entrepreneurs, such as: what should I look for when doing business abroad?
What about international regulations ? What opportunities are there and what pitfalls can I encounter?

As a consultant & facilitator , I like to enter into a dialogue with the customer to clarify the question behind their  challenges :  What are the motivations and what are the (cultural) challenges you encounter as a team or as an organization? Based on analysis and formulation of the question behind the question, we work together on various themes and scenarios that may lead to new solutions, insights or applications.  

Meaning of Seichin:

The first part , Seichin literraly means "ten confilcts or challenges ".  

It involves dealing in physical and social factors like geographical & geopolitical influences, legal policies, behavioral and cultural factors as well economical factors. Therefore understanding the global business environment ,meaning the interconnections of cultural, political, legal, economic, and ethical systems, is important when adapting to today's business environment.  There are many models and 10 steps theories written on these systems , hence the first part "Seichin" as reffered to above as "ten challenges or conflicts" due to the mentioned factors.  

There are many ways for having discussions. Using campfire talks are a effective way to connect and discuss challenges within a group with an open mind. To co-create and inspire each other. To listen without judgement and for building long lasting relationships and connections. 


Are you an entrepreneur  with the ambition and capacity to expand to international markets? Do you already know which market suits your product or service, but want to know what is required for export of the goods?  With our support , you can explore various opportunities that help you take the next step in international trade. 

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