It's me, hi!

I am your consultant/coach , It's me. Everybody agrees .... ?

I am a life-long learner with studies in leadership & international business. (Rotterdam School of Management / Open University/ Zuyd University of Applied Science )  

As accredited international trade consultant by the Institute of International Trade & Export with more than 15 years experience in the field, I have developed ,during all those years,  a rare combination of trade compliance expertise together with Industry knowledge.  

 I’m the founder of this company and a international trade consultant for corporations across the globe. I’ve found balance between work and life,  I’m a happy person, loving father, optimal performance leader (and soon to be) writer, but it didn’t come easily.

As a former International trade consultant for more than 20 years, my expertise lies in improving awareness, growth and managing compliance risk profiles for small & medium sized companies and multinationals such as ASML, 3M and Katun Corporation. Having been exposed to cutural differences throughout his entire life and having experienced the misunderstandings created by the lack of cultural awareness of leaders, I joined Hofstede Insight as Associated Practioner in 2023. 

Holding professional degrees in Customs & Supply chain compliance, International trade policy , I am also  certified in Intercultural Management with Hofstede Insights. (

Before becoming an Assiociated Practioner, I worked as International  Trade compliance consultant for several multinationals. I am, as subject matter expert, part of global, multi-year, multi-country and multifunctionality global trade implementation project. I consulted on a global level and was also part of a company's international expansion by mitigating trade risk, managing the day to day operations and in my capacity travelled extensively. 

 What defines me

Authenticity, Being connected with people. Love for the outdoors, foreign cultures  and nature.  Discipline. 

I learned discipline the hard way, serving my country in the military. But also through martial arts training. The only difference between extraordinary and ordinary, is just that little word "extra". 

I envision my work as a person who inspires people to cultivate their explorer mindset to find  opportunities in life ,as well as in business, being determined, resilient and inquisitive to meet the demands of an uncertain, complex and ambiguous world. 


What I love in life ...

Learn new things & evolve, Serve, Live in the now, Travel & exploring new areas.  

As defined by National Geographic , Explorers are:

  • Curious and able to ask questions about how systems work. They wonder about why things are where they are and ask questions to explore possible answers.

  • Empathetic and able to care . They care about their own and others’ perspectives. They consider and acknowledge differences across social, cultural, and environmental perspectives. 

  • Empowered and able to recognize their own capacity to make impact for change. They accept responsibility for global problems and show initiative, confidence, and leadership in trying to solve those problems."